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Cloud-Based Practice Management Software

Electronic Biller – Cloud-Based Practice Management Software

  • Your information is available from any location, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Maintenance of electronic health records (EHR), such as patient information, insurance companies, doctors, procedure codes, diagnosis codes, etc.
  • Learn more to find out how you can improve your revenue cycle.
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Electronic Biller - Desktop Application

  • Keep track of rental items using our inventory feature based on the purchase, delivery, and return dates.
  • Scheduling for patients and appointments
  • Submit professional (CMS 1500), institutional (UB04), and dental claims.
  • Option to import claims in 837, Print Image, and Comma Separated Value (CSV) formats from any other practice management software.
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Our cloud-based practice management software provides all practices with a convenient, user-friendly system that allows users to streamline the systems they require to operate their business. We have a practice management desktop application and a cloud-based version. Our electronic medical billing software allows for EHR maintenance, DME rentals/inventory tracking, and appointment scheduling.

Our software itself is free, and so is the initial training we provide. There are no initial start-up fees and no contracts when you sign up for our practice management software. You can easily import claims from other practice management software in many different file formats. Our electronic medical billing software ensures that you receive payments within an average of 14 days or less. Contact us today, or read below to learn more about how we can meet all of your practice’s needs.