The Electronic Biller

Accounts Receivable
  • Easily enter insurance charges and patient payments.
  • Auto posting of virtually all insurance payments against open charges.
  • Quickly view patient account history to gain insight on patient account information.
  • Automatic creation of patient statements.
  • Generate and batch claims automatically to all payers.
  • Simple claim tracking to easily correct and resubmit denied claims to get you paid faster.
  • Standard aging and custom reporting available to manage collections efficiently.
  • Set up and store custom fees per insurance company to ensure accurate billing.
Same or Similar/
Claim Status Inquiry
  • Real-Time Claims Status Inquiry - Electronically check the status of Medicare claims to determine if a claim has been paid, denied, or is pending, saving time spent calling the IVR.
  • Same or Similar - Within seconds, determine if a patient has already received a same or similar item to avoid delivering items that will be denied.
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Electronic Remittance Advice
  • Retrieve ERAs (electronic EOB) from virtually all payers.
  • ERAs are effortlessly posted directly to our practice management software.
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Claim Submission
  • Enhanced claim scrubbing and electronic claim submission to insurance companies are processed faster and with fewer errors, thereby improving cash flow.
  • Reduce overhead and eliminate managing third party clearnighouse issues with Cortex EDI's integrated clearinghouse.
  • Secondary claims are easily created and sent electronically.
Patient Eligibility
  • Verify your patient’s Health Insurance Eligibility instantly, easily, and affordably.
  • Verify eligibility for Medicare, Medicaid & Private Health Plan Insurances.
  • Maximize your payments and minimize errors.
  • Eliminate timely phone calls and hold times.
  • Reduce data entry and save time by using our batch eligibility feature.
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Electronic Medical Records
  • Reduce paper waste and storage by making your office paperless.
  • Scan, import, store, and view documents (images, files, etc.) per patient.
  • Quickly locate all EOBs for any patient.
  • Instantly check stock quantities.
  • Know when to reorder supplies.
  • Always have the right amount of inventory on-hand.
  • Barcode scanning.
  • Custom inventory reporting.
  • Quickly locate recalled products.
  • Quick and simple drag and drop appointment creation.
  • Search for open time slots to easily find patient requested appointment time.
  • Schedule appointment for multiple resources or doctors.